Pricing Information

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Head+ Hands+ Tail+ Outdoor Feet+ Padded Bodysuit


Includes removable pillow like padding in the Thighs and sewn in ankle padding (stuffing can be removed for washing)

Padding is machine washable and stuffed with polyfill.

The zipper is located in the front  and hands, tail, head, and feet are detachable for partial use.

Attached tails are optional depending on the design on the suit.

Head+ Hands+ Outdoor Feet+ NonPadded Bodysuit+ Tail


Zipper Is in the front unless asked for in the back! Design limiting!

Hands head feet and tail are all detachable for partial use Unless Specified! 

Extra cost for more complex design and extra features 



Mini Partial
Head +Hands+ Tail
Full partial
Head+ Hands+ Tail+ Outdoor Feet +Arm-sleeves



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Costume Head

 We love canines and felines, but we try our best to match the particular SPECIES! Our heads are a roomy type fit. They very comfortable and will be sized for you! They are built entirely out of foam. We Line our heads! We Also provide a new in package balaclava! (recommended to always wear underneath) Ventilation is through the mouth area and eyes. Follow me Are our standard. We Include One pair of "sassy" eyelids. Additional pairs of eyelids can be ordered. Eyes are water resistant and splash proof! Price will increase with complexity of design



Costume Details


we offer a smooth shave finish on out suits. We also provide no visible glue smears.



Tongues and teeth...

Tongues are either fleece or mink 

Teeth are either plush vinyl, pinky or are plastic! Or both!

If you prefer plush only please specify in order!



Are either made from vinyl, mink, or fleece; depending on the design of the character.

They are either stitched in or lined with fleece.

If you have a preference please ask! Not all variations are available with every character!





Magnetic extras

+65 or more 

We us only N52 grade! We offer magnetic interchangeable tongues, hair poofs, glasses and smaller horns.

We also offer magnetic blush or tongues that curl to the muzzle.



Magnetic eyelids additional pair+95$

We now offer this new option!

Sass lids are Included at no extra charge!

If youd rather not have them please let us know!





Claws are optional But included with the suit as a standard


Either choose pleather like or soft mink

These are large and plush. They never fall off but do break down over use.




Hand Paws

4 finger POOF paws are our standard!

we will make five finger if requested!! 



Arm sleeves

Arm sleeves are cuffed with fleece at the armpit. This prevents fray and some matting. They have 2 reinforced pieced of elastic which travel across the shoulder blades and give them a little hug.

They are snug fit and flow well with our hand paws and creates a near seamless transition.




Feet Paws

Feet are made with a gym shoe

Toes are squishy polyfill and are fully lined inside.

We highly recommend a fan or boot dryer for cleaning these!

Standard feet paws are 4 toes and comes with outdoor Rubber, making it safe to go anywhere!


Indoor Feet

These have vinyl paw pads or pinky fabric 0n the bottom and are used indoors. We currently don't offer interchangeable paw bottom types.



Pricing is varied with large or more complex designed tails.

Larger heaver tails, are sometimes put on a kidney belt for support. A lip of fur is made to fit over the larger to hide the hole.

Smaller tails can be attached or have a small opening for a standard size belt.

We use reinforced nylon on the tail bases, which you can use a belt with.

Body suits

Are double stitched seams 

All threads are 100% polyester and strong!

Detailed and smaller markings are hand sewn in with stronger threads.

we leave a little more seam on our body's on the inside for added durability! Our body's still have a neat finish!


Zippers are standard in the front but can be requested in the back!(design depending)

Sometimes we make a layover of fur for our wide based style tails!

We add a fleece collar to our body's, for comfort and to help prevent fray/stretching!


We do NOT offer small parts or bodysuit only orders unless they are an update for a previous customer!