Terms and Conditions




Sewn Sass reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. The buyer is responsible for regularly reviewing these terms, as new terms may apply. By purchasing products from Sewn Sass you are indicating that you are bound by these terms and agree with them.


Payment Method:

SS accepts Pay Pal, All major credit cards, and USPS money order.

Payment Plans:

Payment plans are accepted under the following terms…

  • an additional 5% Service Fee is added to the total purchase quote when you choose a payment plan.

  • There is a 30% deposit biased on total purchase amount. (Excludes shipping cost).

  • 20% Of your Total Suit cost Is non-refundable! 

  • You then have 6-8months from date of order, to pay in full. If suit is not paid in full, it may be resold, cancelled, or used towards other projects.

  • The 30% deposit cover the material cost and will hold a slot in the que.  PayPal fees are also included and you are NOT responsible for them.

  • We will decide a biweekly or monthly amount which payments are to be made on a date we decide on!

  • If you miss more than 3 payments in a row, I reserve the right to cancel your order.

  • The suit MUST be paid in full before I begin any work!

  • If your suit Is not paid in full before I begin your project may be pushed to a later completion date!

  • If your suit is paid off earlier, It may be moved to and earlier completion date (if available)

  • Late payments will result in a late fee of 35$. 3 or more late fees will result in a possible termination of your project!

  • Late fees are non refundable!

  • We will not offer RUSH Or RuSH FEES PERIOD!


Refunds and Cancelations:

          If a buyer wishes to cancel a commission the 20% of deposit is NON-REFUNDED!  Based on level of completion, only a certain percentage will be refunded to the buyer. Completion levels and percentage’s as follows... (Minus the 20% deposit, And any late fees!)

  • 25% completion/65% refunded

  • 50% completion/35% refunded

  • 75% completed/0% refunded

It Could take 3-12 months for us to refund you! We do our best to get refunds immediately, but can't guarantee it!

It may also be in 2-3 parts depending on the amount for refund! If you are needed to be refunded we absolutely do that!

If for Any reason Sewn Sass chooses to cancel your order you will be refunded in full!! 

Please take purchases seriously! Realize your what you’re getting into and only commit if you are willing to pay and can afford the suit!






Shipping cost will be calculated once suit is completed. It’s usually $85-$250.I do add some Insurance on. But If the buyer would like to full insure the shipment its their choice and at there expense! I ship through UPS. A tracking number will be provided. I keep all tracking numbers. Items will not be shipped until paid in full. 


FHS charges a flat $25 handling fee included into your shipping total! Your shipping amount is $25 + what the post office charges! In some cases your quote may be over or under and we may refund/ask for the difference!


International shipping – shipping may be more than quoted. It is your responsibility of knowing your laws and custom fees associated with where you live. You are responsible to cover any necessary fees. (not offered at this time)


Concept art:

I require a minimum 3/4 view/sided FURSUIT FRIENDLY reference picture. I need a front back, right side and/or left side view. No shading is better! be sure tattoos piercing and Under hair floors are shown! Your ref must be 100% accurate, I make suit according to the ref sheet! With your Commission a Secondary ref made by myself is Included for the most accurate image in my style!



Once a fur suit's materials have been ordered, I cannot change the design or concept of the character. Please make sure your references are correct! Once the suit progress has started NO changes will be made to the design.I will not work from image designs, preexisting costumes, or copyrighted characters. I reserve the right to deny an extremely complex character or unfamiliar species.


Duct Tape Dummies:

I do require a DTD for full suits. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost of DTD. If I receive a DTD that I’m unable to use I will request a new on at the buyers expense! Please make your DTD to the very best you can. There are many tutorials available via You Tube. If you plan to gain or lose weight please wait to order a suit. I Make suits to what you send in. SS is not responsible. DTD are not expected or due until 1 month before I start work on your suit. This allows the best fit possible!



Picture updates are available through Telegram/Twitter/Instagram. If you’d prefer I don’t post Wips at all please specify with your quote. SS reserves the right to use pictures of finished products for promotional pieces. Finished suits will be modeled and displayed publicly. Character appearance and name will be shared through public and social media.

Client Personal Information's will be kept confidential. (Address, real name, ex.)



A 60 day warranty is given to buyer (starts day of completion). This warranty covers damages of fault of SPC. (Loose glue, popped stitching, ex.)It does not cover exposer to excessive heat, improper storage, exposer to water, or improper or unintended use of suit. If a suit is shipped soiled/unclean it will get sent back to buyer at their expense! Proper hygiene and suit maintenance is a must! SEE the CARE GUIDE tab for your fur suits care and maintenance!

The warranty is void if any alterations have been made to the suit, by other than Sewn Sass!



Repairs will be made based on current schedule. I do not guarantee a completion time! However I will do the best i can to get them done ASAP. Please no Rushing me as I'm only a one person show!

Rates for repairs start at 25$hr


Previous customers can get upgrades to there suit DURING OPENINGS. Some Upgrades may not be available. FHS does NOT refurbish heads, you must order a new one. Upgrades could included but are not limited to new parts, a body suit, indoor feet and or extras. We CAN NOT add magnetic anything later on. Please order them initially! Upgrades have a separate wait time and will be completed differently than out main que. If you upgrade to a body suit you may be put in the main que and have a longer wait time. See our Trello for our Que Specifics.

Previous customers receive a 15% discount on all upgrades and future commissions! Our thanks to you! Repairs not included in the discount.

No RUDE or ILL Behavior will be tolerated, we will keep it business professional and expect you to do the same!

No nonsense or you could be terminated! 


Thank you for reading Sewn Sass Terms and conditions!




For questions please contact us by via email   SewnSass@yahoo.com